Dye Hard, dye seeds.

Dye Hard, dye seeds.

I am absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Grace Alexander flowers. Her business is based on the slow flower movement emerging out of a love for her garden and the countryside around her.  Grace’s sense of pared back, yet stylish simplicity caught my eye many years ago, gentle muted colour palettes, packaging made from beautiful cotton rag paper and celebrating the perfectly imperfect. It therefore seems fitting that we (a slow florist and a slow dyer) have come together and designed an exclusive collection of seeds for the best dyeing plants you can grow. A range of plants and flowers that cover a range of colours: coral reds, carrot oranges, olives, greys, mustard yellows and that absolutely perfect shade of indigo blue.
Seeds include: 

Woad, weld, ladies bedstraw, sulphur cosmos, coreopsis, marigolds and black knight scabious. 


 Please note:

Due to the shipping restrictions on seeds we only offer shipping to other European countries and to Scandinavia.