portrait of christine lewis

Photograph by Sebastian Nevols

I am Christine Lewis. I am a botanical dyer and maker.

I make all of my products by hand, using the slow process of extracting natural dyes from barks, flowers and vegetables.

My interest in natural dyeing was sparked by an article about 'food meeting fashion' by Sasha Duerr. How could something so beautiful be made with kitchen waste and garden plants? Armed with some old pots and pans, a camping stove and a bunch of carrot tops, I created my first dye pot. That was back in 2012.

What started as a hobby is now an obsession. I created a studio in my garden next to where the dyestuff grows, and there I do all of my dyeing, drying and making.

Why natural dyes?

 I love the age old, unhurried process from plant to product. In today's busy world, it feels like a much needed change of pace.

Rainwater, season, soil and the age of the plant-stuff all influence the colour in the dye pot, so every product is unique. This can't be replicated by synthetic dyes and brings wonder and excitement to every dye batch. 

For more, see my short journal post on the benefit of natural dyes.